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Commercial Floor Installation in Beaumont, TX

When finding a floor that’s a fit for your everyday business functions, longevity is the bottom line, and the process is just as important as the products you choose. Whether you’re seeking floors for a medical office, a public gathering spot, or a local café, we all know how critical it is to ensure excellence from the ground up.


At Beaumont Carpet One Floor & Home of Beaumont, TX, you can trust our commercial flooring experts to ensure every commercial installation goes smoothly.  Our comprehensive inventory of commercial-grade flooring options, along with our talented team, will ensure you’re set for success every time.


Why Install Commercial Flooring?


Not all flooring is fit for your intended use! Choosing to install commercial flooring simply makes good business sense.  Why, you ask?

Commercial flooring is crafted with durability and ease of maintenance. It’s proven to maintain its appearance, no matter how hectic your days are. Additionally, many commercial flooring products are slip-resistant and fire-retardant, making your workplace safer for staff, customers, and visitors.

Choosing to install a commercial floor means creating a beautiful, professional, and safe setting for business operations, ultimately enhancing productivity, brand image, and customer and client experiences.


Best Types of Commercial Flooring


Which type of commercial flooring is best for your workspace?

As you navigate your options, consider your needs and maintenance expectations:

  • Commercial Vinyl Flooring comes in tile and plank form. Though it resembles natural hardwood and tile, it’s more durable, comfortable to walk on, and easy to clean.
  • Commercial Tiles can be made using porcelain or ceramic and are offered in thousands of colors & styles. Moisture-prone spaces are excellent candidates for this flooring, where hygiene is essential, and scratches are frowned upon.
  • Carpet Tile is easy to install and can be readily replaced as individual pieces, making it popular for offices. This flooring offers incredible sound insulation, so it’s a favorite option for mixed-use facilities.

Planning Your Commercial Floor Installation


Found a floor you love for your office, shop, or café?

Relax! Our seasoned installers have you covered, but there are definitely a few things you can do to prepare beforehand.

  • Consider when you’d like your flooring installed, keeping in mind any periods of anticipated “downtime” that might be the best time for completing this project.
  • Notify staff of upcoming installations and any anticipated disruptions or temporary closures.
  • Clear the space of all furnishings and equipment to allow the installation crew to be most efficient.

Shop Commercial Flooring Near You


Want to find out more about our commercial flooring inventory, or chat with one of our expert installers?

Please stop by and visit us soon at 6690 Eastex Freeway in Beaumont, TX.

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